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These load sheets contain valuable information such as UPC codes, weights, dims, etc.
These are RAW FILES provided by the manufacturer. They are not in any standardized format.
Use these files at your own risk and be sure to read the notes below.

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Load sheets are downloaded at your own risk and should ONLY be used for weights, dims, UPC codes, etc.

ALWAYS consult the price guide and application listing file for current pricing and availability. Load sheets are not always kept up to date by manufacturers and may contain discontinued items or not show current pricing. We did not create these files and are not responsible for any errors in these files.

The date the load sheet was provided by the manufacturer is listed in the file name.

If you are looking for specific data not found here, please send an email request to your wholesale account manager with the exact brand and data requested and we will attempt to obtain it (if it exists) from the manufacturer.